As the industry had become more challenging because of the lower oil price and the competitive environment during the last decade, businesses are demanding the organization to be agile, reduce costs and integrate technologies, people and processes to improved efficiency and sustain production.

PETRONAS aspire to be proactive and rapid deciding on how to sustain day-to-day production through developing multiple workflows to handle different scenarios. These workflows include Gas Lift Surveillance, Optimization and Design, Well Test Validation and Sand Management.

By deploying proper instrumentation at the fields, automated data processing and faster well and network model updates have helped PETRONAS to identify candidates in a timely manner as compared to the traditional manual way. The automated workflows had helps on reducing the screening time, however the next challenge is the interdependency posed by the results from each workflow.

The production surveillance engineer still requires performing subsequent technical analysis to connect multiple aspects of the validation before the candidate can move forward as final recommendation and execution.

These challenges gave birth to a new opportunity to do a composite insight on how pieces of multiple solutions and integrate into a singular system to obtain a higher confidence level of the success of those candidates.

To efficiently manage this challenge at scale, Digital Fields is deployed as the unified production platform for PETRONAS Upstream. Digital Fields provides a user experience to all assets with the following characteristics:

• Scalable to all PETRONAS fields operated in Malaysia and International assets

• Rapid development

• Common company-wide platform

This paper will discuss on The Optimization Advisory solution that was deployed in Digital Fields to all fields in 2019 and created additional benefits to the organization as it helped production surveillance engineer and production technologist with:

• Transparency on the potential candidates

• Higher confidence on candidates to be executed in the field

• Standardizing practices across all PETRONAS oil fields in Malaysia

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