2013 SPE Production & Operations Technical Editor Awards

Every year, SPE recognizes those who have made an exceptional effort toensure the technical excellence of the Society's peer-reviewed journals. Fortheir contributions, the following individuals are recipients of the 2013Outstanding Technical Editor Award.

Surendra Bateja, Oil and Natural Gas
Yiyan Chen
, Schlumberger
Nikita Chugunov
, Schlumberger
Wayne Frenier
, Frenier Chemistry
Florian Hollaender
, Schlumberger
Richard Hutchins
, Schlumberger
Lingling Li
, Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry
Bernhard Lungwitz
, Schlumberger
Jennifer Miskimins
, Barree & Associates
Randall Seright
, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Mohammad Tabatabaei
, Marathon Oil
Keita Yoshioka
, Chevron

SPE Honors 2013 Technical Paper Reviewers

SPE created the A Peer Apart  program to recognize dedicatedindividuals who have been involved in the peer review of 100 or more papers.Members who commit their time to peer review papers make substantialcontributions to the industry's literature by helping to ensure that the paperspublished in SPE's technical journals are the highest quality. Over time, theseindividuals volunteer hundreds of hours to the Society, making SPE journals avaluable resource for the industry.

This year, six individuals join the elite group of those who have reachedthe milestone of reviewing 100 or more technical papers – bringing the totalmembership of A Peer Apart to 123 dedicated members.

Tayfun Babadagli, University of Alberta
Glen Benge
, Benge Consulting
James N. Collins, ConocoPhillips
Stephen A. Holditch, S.A. Holditch & Associates
Frank Koch
, Koch Decisions
Randall S. Seright, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology