Welcome to the New JCPT

Darcy Spady, Regional Director—SPE International Board

The Journal of Canadian Petroleum Technology is entering a new era, one that seeks to reach out to SPE’s Canadian members in a fresh and resourceful way. As Regional Director, my goal has been to have SPE serving ALL of Canada, as they say from Sea to Sea to Sea, or in our world, from Victoria to Mount Pearl to Tuktoyuktuk. A healthy and relevant JCPT is one aspect of that mission.

With more than 50 years of vibrant history, JCPT is excited to roll out new sections to readers in an effort to provide the foremost in Canadian technological ideas and advancements in the oil and gas industry. In addition to the esteemed, high level academic works provided by authors around the world that break down petroleum methods and research, we will be publishing snapshots (synopsis) of technical content not normally found in any SPE journal as well as local SPE news briefs.

SPE in Canada is changing with our members’ demographics. After many years of Calgary being the focus of the traditional onshore industry in Canada, we have young members and unique members right across the country. The St. John’s section is filling with SPE members from around the world, all concentrating on the specific challenges of our robust offshore sector. Halifax, in the Maritimes Section, recently held a Distinguished Lecturer (DL) talk by Jon Olson with 62 attendees. Estevan, Weyburn, Virden, and Winnipeg are not far behind in forming their own section. Grande Prairie is our second newest section and in October they held their first meeting with a presentation from DL Michael Byrne. Our newest section, Vancouver, representing the lower mainland of British Columbia, held an inaugural meeting in November in Victoria. Most of these changes have been driven by young members, like Omar Moussa, formerly an active Calgary-based Young Professional that was transferred to Fairview, Alberta, and realized that he missed the technical community, training, and professional development that he was used to in Calgary. Omar did something about it, starting the wheels in motion for a new and relevant section in his area. The Vancouver section was spawned by members in the liquefied natural gas sector, assisted greatly by a large number of members in the Engineering, procurement, and construction (EP&C) and regulatory disciplines. It pleases me greatly to see unique (offshore, EP&C, and academic) and young members augmenting our more traditional sections in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Since becoming Regional Director, I have also been thrilled to see Student Chapters added at the University of Waterloo, University of Toronto, and the University of British Columbia (Vancouver), with McGill and Dalhousie universities not far behind. The new JCPT will highlight similar SPE Regional News items and member-focussed content that will include notes on decisions and achievements from SPE’s Canadian Board of Directors, accomplishments and accolades of local SPE members, as well as national SPE conference and workshop reports.

Our new Tech Briefs section will feature synopses of key papers presented at Canada’s two major conferences, SPE Unconventional Resources Conference and SPE Canada Heavy Oil Conference. Papers that you will not find in any SPE peer-reviewed journal will be summarized in this section, giving readers a quick glimpse into some of the newest and most talked about industry studies.

It’s great to highlight our Canadian activities, but JCPT is available worldwide and we want to ensure it is also a global publication that disseminates the best that we do here in Canada, truly a “Journal of Canadian Petroleum Technology.” With everything that SPE’s Canada region has to offer, members can discover even more with JCPT. The legacy continues, and we hope you will join us.

Darcy Spady, P.Eng.

your Regional Director, SPE International Board

Director – Client Solutions, Sanjel Corporation