Water management is playing significant role in surface oil-water treatments as well as oil production. Sector employees are tackling with huge amount of disposal water because of producing approximately three barrels water in order to have one barrel hydrocarbon. Although process of water management has some negatively impact on environment, these detrimental effects can be reduced sharply with technically solutions.

In mature Karakus oil production field, there have been done some treatments and researches for reach most efficient water management operations to get rid of 96 percent waste water. Firstly, more than half of disposal water slightly 30,000 bbl/day is injected via free water knock outs (FWKO). By increments of pressure, better oil quality and recovery (100 bbl/month) are obtained as a field experience (SPE 164313), as a result, declines in electricity consumption (237,000 kWh/month), preventing 369,000 lb-CO2 emission then by preventing loss of oil, 900 bbl/month and not emitting 60,000 lb-CO2 equivalent to reproduce. After operating FWKO, 85 percent decrease of corrosion rate has dramatically reduce the oil spills into farms. Secondly, in the wash tank, light oil is recovered (1500 gal/month) by means of condensing unit and not emitting 2,400 lb-CO2 emission to reproduce oil. Thirdly electric motors that used in water injection pumps are replaced with highly efficient ones and 16,000 kWh/m energy is (preventing 25,000 lb-CO2 emission) saved. Not only environmentally oil water separation but also hot disposal water (~230 °F) is used with heat exchangers for heat the greenhouse. This is heated without any necessity burning fuel. Addition to emissions, instead of steel pipeline fiberglass is operated for injection line to reduce dramatically the friction loss with decreasing electricity consumption (95,760 kWh/month) so preventing to emit the 149,000 lb-CO2 equivalent and subsequently cease to be a threat to corrosion effects. Therefore, disposal water has never spilled into the farms.

Consequently, this study explains that how to operate environmentally oil water treatments at mature fields, with using the FWKO, condensing unit, fiberglass pipeline, water pumping system improvements. Challenges with more than 90 percent of water, Karakus Fields, are managed accomplishedly with these methods and treatments.

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