The oil industry of the former Soviet Union (FSU) has extensive experience in enhanced oil recovery (EOR) methods. Variety of conditions, both geological and geographical, require systematic analysis of the applicability of EOR methods under different reservoir conditions.

Fuzzy logic comparative analysis enabled the identification of the main reservoir/fluid parameters that have an impact on the success of EOR methods. Analysis was done on EOR methods such as steam injection, polymer flooding, surfactant flooding, group of the gas injection methods, and CO2-flooding. The data base created by the authors includes more than 800 EOR projects with a substantial part of them carried in the FSU. Several examples of the EOR feasibility study are discussed in the paper.

The approach described in this paper allows the selection of secondary/tertiary oil recovery methods which are most promising for the given geological conditions. This reduces the number of diverse field performances and, hence, shortens the risk and uncertainty in the decision making.

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