Recently, the MPD Constant bottom hole pressure (CBHP) technique was successfully implemented by Saudi Aramco to drill and complete gas wells through a new exploration unconventional drilling field with low permeable high hydrocarbon sandstone formation. While drilling this formation using conventional drilling and completion methods, several challenges were encountered on a regular basis, such as differential sticking, total lost circulation with high hydrocarbon gas % at the same time leading to complicated well control situations.

The approach of ‘Prevention is always better than cure’ was adopted by Saudi Aramco, since MPD prevents/mitigates a lot of hazards before they actually happen. This publication summarizes the details of how the MPD CBHP technique, early kick detection system & advanced gas detection & control system made it possible to efficiently and successfully execute the drilling process safely, in MPD CBHP mode. It was proved that real time monitoring and instant reactions are necessary to be able to adjust the BHP to keep the well under control throughout the drilling phase.

This paper highlights a few milestones achieved during a MPD well recently drilled in the unconventional drilling campaign field.

Hence MPD enabled to drill the un-drillable wells without any NPT for well control situations with the value added benefit of better ROP at the same time.

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