Requirements to area based emergency response arrangements were published in 2000. An updating of the Guidelines for area based emergency response arrangements (OLF?) has been carried out in the period 2010–2012, with the main emphasis on review of experience and the need for revised requirements. The requirements address water and air born resources within established areas for cooperation, and do not address the requirements to each installation’s resources. Experience with the existing requirements has been collected from operators of offshore installations, work force representatives, authorities plus a large number of experts and personnel with essential emergency response qualifications and roles. An extensive supporting documentation has been prepared, based on analyses, discussions and evaluations. A revised Guideline has been issued with response and capacity requirements. During the process, the need for one additional emergency response scenario to be standardized in the offshore industry was found, and new requirements have been formulated for the emergency response relating to helicopter crash on the installation. The experience with these emergency response arrangements is clearly very positive, and includes a number of lives that have been saved each year. The requirements are regarded by the authorities as the best practice in relation to emergency response arrangements, and increase in the area of application is one of the vital evaluations for the future. The paper will describe and discuss the requirements and report on the experience gained through more than ten years of operation, as well as identify and discuss future challenges which may lead to future revisions.

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