To obtain acceptable working environment in the shaker room has been a long lasting challenge. A new solids control system based on a vacuum conveyer system (VCS) has been developed to meet this challenge. The VCS uses a slowly rotating screen. Instead of using high gravity forces as being done on conventional shale shakers, the VCS uses a horizontally vibrating screen with a pressure difference to separate drilling waste from the drilling fluid. The use of this technology has several benefits. The absence of the high G collision forces reduces degradation of cuttings sizes and thereby reduces the fluid on cuttings. The VCS has a self cleaning device preventing blinding of the screen. The solids control system is built into an enclosed cabinet eliminating hydrocarbon mist and vapour. Furthermore, the system significantly reduces vibrations in the shaker room.

The current paper outlines the VCS performance on the first series of regular applications on the jack-up drilling rig Maersk Giant. The improved occupational hygiene conditions are verified along with proper solids control performance.

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