The Oil and Gas Exploration and Production industry is acutely aware of the dangers presented by fatigue. While fatigue has contributed to some of the most significant industrial disasters, even on a smaller scale, it can lead to injury or death, as well as loss of revenue and company reputation. For shiftworkers, particularly those involved in safety-critical tasks, working at times of the day when alertness is at a minimum can present a serious operational hazard.

One of the principal countermeasures against fatigue is training: to raise awareness of the dangers of fatigue; to highlight company and employee responsibilities with regard to the management of fatigue; and to provide employees with effective strategies to minimise the risks. Traditionally, this has been delivered via classroom-based seminars and workshops. While largely effective, this approach is impractical for a workforce that is geographically distributed or based in harsh or inaccessible environments.

In recent years, IT developments have made the Internet and company intranets accessible from even the most remote locations. With these advances, web-based training has become a viable option for many operators. The challenge, then, is to deliver a web-based training solution that is as engaging, interactive and effective as training delivered in the classroom.

This paper describes the development and delivery of BP's online Fatigue Awareness and Countermeasures Training programme (FACT), now being made available globally to employees involved in safety-critical work, or working extended hours. BP FACT is designed to reflect current operations, but will also accommodate the ongoing development of BP's fatigue risk management system and associated training needs. The paper highlights lessons learned from the development of BP FACT, provides recommendations for organisations seeking to develop online fatigue training and suggests strategies for developing an effective competency assessment.

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