This paper focuses on the process of creating a sustainable HSE performance within a Field Cluster in an oil and gas producing company which has gone through a stage of transition from a state company to a private company alining itself to the others oil and gas producers in Europe. It was necessary to understand how a company could create a HSE culture where health, safety and environment are integrated in the business and how the company could go from an old system, based on a reactive method of working to a proactive system based on a sustainable HSE management. Since December 2004, this Field Cluster is committed to transforming everything related to business, process, employees and management into a whole that is based on the fact that the HSE is integrated in the business

Results obtained in the improvement of HSE performance that are presented in this paper show the direction taken by HSE in the Field Cluster which led, besides a Safety Leadership and a moral imperative that everyone must return home safely from work, also to the fact that these two generate business development and material savings as well as changing stakeholders’ perception of the Field Cluster from an incident generator to a partner in work and community development.

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