Cardio Vascular Diseases represent the first cause of premature death and disability all over the world. As different premises assert that employees working in oil and gas industry are exposed to a higher risk than general population, Saipem has developed and started to implement a comprehensive Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Program (CVDPP). The scope of CVDPP is to identify, assess and reduce controllable Cardio Vascular Disease Risk Factors (CVDRF) of employees, this program being focused on prevention and health promotion (life style modification). The program addresses to all employees, at risk or not; their participation is strongly recommended but not mandatory. People at risk are advised to enroll further in Risk Factor Follow-up Program in order to decrease or at least to maintain their individual Cardio Vascular Disease Risk (CVDR) to the lowest possible value, according to European cardiovascular guidelines recommendations. The Heart SCORE, developed by European Society of Cardiology is the method used to select people at risk. The development of CVDPP runs properly and the full assessment of its effectiveness would be after 5 years of correct implementation. This paper intends to present CVDPP and Saipem experience during its development and implementatation, taking in consideration specific realties encountered in oil and gas industry. Current paper is a revision of that presented one year ago (SPE Europena HSE Vienna, Austria 22-24 February) which includes up to date information to the end of 2011.

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