As conventional fishing assembly offers a degree of recovery chance, such chance can be increased by utilizing an Oscillating Fishing Tool (OFT). The OFT is a fishing Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) component that delivers low-magnitude; high-frequency oscillation. The continuous motion that the tool provides complements the impact generated by the fishing jar. This paper reviews the successful case history in Field X, which was in fact the first utilization of OFT for a fishing application in the field.

Method of analysis involve comparing fishing sequence without and with the OFT. The OFT was used in Offshore Field X to recover a mechanically stuck 550-meter long Tubing Conveyed Perforating Gun assembly inside 9 5/8" casing that could potentially lead to loss of access into the 6 oil reserves candidate perforation zones. Initially the assembly had been stuck for two days, during which conventional fishing BHA was used to retrieve it to no avail, even after jarring for most of that time. OFT was then incorporated in the final fishing BHA and operated in combination with jarring operation.

After around twelve hours of oscillating and jarring, the fish was able to be released from the initial stuck point. When tripping the string out, however, the assembly was stuck at high dog-leg severity area near the surface. At that point, in combination with applying substantial overpull, OFT was utilized further to recover the entire string. Upon fish retrieval, it was evident that post detonation, the TCP gun had swelled into 8.6 inches in diameter. In summary, oscillating and jarring for thirty-six cumulative hours successfully released the swelled TCP gun assembly from the stuck occurrences. In conclusion, the operation showed that the OFT serves as a higher level of fishing tool option that offers a particular excitation mode to the stuck assembly.

Stuck assembly in a cased hole presents potential loss of oil reserves. Particularly in offshore application, the situation can also be costly. With reduced chance of recovery as time passes by, operation is hindered from being able to proceed to the next completion phase. The case proved OFT to have played an important role in improving fishing probability of success and should be considered as standard fishing BHA in the future.

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