Many considerations are taken into account to ensure production targets are met for fields lifted by Electrical Submersible Pumps (ESP). ESP outages are indeed one of the major operational disturbances that significantly impact production strategies. Hence, a holistic structured framework for ESP outages has to be constructed to prevent or curtail ESP outages by capturing each of the planned and unplanned shutdowns effortlessly, comprehensively and effectively. It should, in fact, consider all parameters and relevant data that aid to better understand such outages; this would include root cause analysis, affected systems, and the production impact. It should also capture all required statistics while generating needed illustrative visuals for advanced analytics to identify the overall impact of ESP outages in a particular oil field. The outcome of the framework should be presented in the form of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to assess the ESP performance.

Using the ESP outages framework will ensure capturing all related data and result in fruitful output using advanced statistical tools. This will clearly highlight both deficiencies and improvements for each area related to the operator companies or the service providers. Then, efforts will be made to assign timely corrective actions for fields that lag in performance while exerting efforts to improve underperforming service providers.

This framework introduces a continuous tracking mechanism of ESP performance associated to outages through comprehensive KPIs. It has the ability to highlight the bad actors within the operator companies or the service providers and logical recommendations to address them. As a result, the number of outages (trips) and restoration time will be minimized which will lead to reducing the impact of revenue loss caused by the ESP production disruptions.

In this structure, novel KPIs specifically focusing on ESP outages will be described in detail. Also, an integrated prototype of the ESP outages framework will be presented to demonstarte its effectiveness without further complicating other related process workflows.

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