Multistage fracturing is widely used in Western Siberia for stimulation of a wide variety of formations from "Ryabchik" (relatively shallow highly layered sandstone formation in the Samotlor Field) to Achimov (a high pressure, high temperature formation of tight sandstone). One of the formation groups that is not typically stimulated by fracturing is a Pokur formation series. A typical Pokur reservoir is an unconsolidated heavy oil bearing sandstone reservoir of Cennomanian age, and the reason for not using fracturing on these formations is the numerous geological and technological risks.

This paper focuses on the first successful experience of multistage fracturing of the Pokur reservoir with a completion system equipped with both sand screens and frac sleeves in the Vostochno-Messoyakhskoe Field.

This paper is a continuation of papers SPE-187682 and SPE-191477. The results of pilot projects described in these papers enabled a high-tech and complex operation of multistage fracturing in complicated well conditions of Pokur reservoirs with a completion system optimized for these conditions. This application required high caliber engineering along with careful planning and preparation to be successful.

Despite the high number of completion systems that combine both sand screen and frac sleeve technology available on the market, successful implementation of such systems was previously impossible. The reasons for this were equipment design limitations, high complexity of screens and sleeves operation, and high cost due to foreign origin of the equipment. These limitations we overcome through optimization of the permanent and service equipment deployed. Localization of the products significantly reduced the cost of tools.

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