The main purpose of jobs execution on the medium-permeability Parfenov horizon of the Chorskaya suite, its new site for research, was to confirm the effectiveness of the hydraulic fracturing to determine further ways to optimize and increase the economic feasibility of developing gas and gas condensate fields in the Eastern Siberia. The chosen strategy has made a tangible contribution to the successful realization of the project.

This manuscript describes an integrated approach to performing hydraulic fracturing on a gas-bearing area in the Irkutsk region. The lithological features of the formation structure and the existing temperature and pressure conditions were taken into account. Numerous laboratory tests were carried out to optimize the fluid design before the hydraulic fracturing campaign, including the selection of a destructor system. To confirm the results of the final treatments, independent well tests were performed.

The method of channel fracturing (pumping proppant with pulses) chosen for this project is currently successfully and widely used in Western Siberia and all the accumulated experience has been successfully adapted to the challenges of the unique formations of Eastern Siberia.

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