This paper describes a three-dimensional, three-phase reservoir simulation model for black oil and compositional applications. Both IMPES and fully implicit formulations are included. The model's use of a relaxed volume balance concept effectively conserves both mass and volume and reduces Newton iterations. A new implicit well rate calculation method improves IMPES stability. It approximates wellbore crossflow effects with high efficiency and relative simplicity in both IMPES and fully implicit formulations. Multiphase flow in the tubing and near-well turbulent gas flow effects are treated implicitly.

Initial saturations are calculated as a function of water-oil and gas-oil capillary pressures which are optionally dependent upon the Leverett J function or initial saturations may be entered as data arrays. A normalization of the relative permeability and capillary pressure curves is used to calculate these terms as a function of rock type and grid block residual saturations.

Example problems are presented, including several of the SPE Comparative Solution problems and field simulations.

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