A new, limited compositional reservoir simulator has been developed. The development of this simulator was motivated by the fact that there are fundamental flaws in the formulation of existing four-component simulators. The unique feature of this simulator is that its phase behavior model is based on the concepts of pseudoternary, equilibrium phase diagrams. Phase envelopes are composed of pressure-dependent, piecewise linear bubble-point and dew-point surfaces with tie lines provided by a generalized version of Hand's Rule. Equilibrium calculations are noniterative and very efficient. Densities and viscosities are modeled by an equation of state and the Lohrenz-Bray-Clark correlation. This new model captures the essential physics missing in conventional four-component simulators.

Other features of the simulator include the Todd-Longstaff mixing model and compositionally consistent relative permeabilities. A practical example application of this new simulator is provided.

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