The proper treatment of oil recovery from vugs is an important part of evaluating a triple porosity reservoir. This paper evaluates the rate of oil recovery from isolated vugs, that is vugs that are not connected to the fracture system. Simulations of triple porosity systems are made with fine grid, single porosity and dual porosity and dual porosity models.

The effect of the ratio of viscous forces to gravity forces on oil recovery from vugs is evaluated for a wide rate of ratio of the forces.

A procedure is presented for creating composite curves (Pcow and krow) to be used in a dual porosity simulator to emulate oil recovery from triple porosity systems. This technique is designed for situations where no experimental displacement results are available. Discussions show that these composite curves are more reliable that the results from matching experimental displacements.

Two examples of this process are shown: one at a low and another at a high value of the viscous to gravity ratio. Two realizations are matched to demonstrate how one would create average composite curves in a field situation.

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