Fluid characterization such assay composition, PVT and compatibility tendency are the most important issues in understanding the compositional behaviour identification and as an input for field facilities design and selection especially in steam EOR project for carbonate type of potential in Oman. The fluid characterization deals to addresses the following issues as such how many components should be used, how should the data be grouped and how should fluid description parameters be obtained and identified as early as possible to identify the major flow assurance issue across facilities. This paper discuss about integrated study and efective work flow to support the project Steam EOR facilities that cover 3 major facilities that are oil and gas processing, water treatment process and steam generation, each stages have been evaluated in correlation to identify a type of production chemical. As a result, the challenge of flow assurance issues are: heavy oil and water separation, H2S and CO2 generation from carbonate reservoir lead to corrosion and HSE, calcite scale, type of water treatment or desalination and steam quality management. The smart fluid characteristics assessment were mapped as a set of flowchart in identifying a critical physical or chemistry information, and determine the end fluid quality expectation, tolerance and economics. This paper demonstrate one example significance of fluid assessment for field development steam EOR project in Petroleum Development Oman, the concept are the real future vision for effective field facilities selection.

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