Rantau field operated by Pertamina EP since 1928 is currently producing from primary stage, and has been declining since 1972. The implementation of Waterflood in Pertamina EP was initiated by EOR Department. There were several major issues related to the waterflood implementation in Rantau Field. Among of these issues was the limited number of subsurface and well data. On the other hand, the management and government board urged that the implementation should be implemented as soon as possible due to oil & gas national production increasing program and zero discharge issue.

This paper presents the result of Pilot Waterflood Planning as the integrated analysis from limited subsurface, well and surface data for Geophysics, Geology, Reservoir, Production, Process Facility and Economic Evaluation integrated analysis. The main target of this waterflood project is Layer 400, 600, 770 and 800. The pilot stage was plan for layer 600. It shows that the most prospective candidate for waterflood pilot project was in C1, C1 and A1, A2 block, the pilot project was planned for inverted five (5) spot patterns and predicted breakthrough time was 90 days, it was also predicted a secondary peak of 1,500 BOPD. The pilot project which was proposed in two patterns and it was successfully executed in January 2009. This analysis is useful result as a part of integrating limited subsurface, well and surface data regarding to the plan of Waterflooding Project.

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