Effectively managing resources encompasses accurate engineering of target formations and prudent execution of project capital. Attaining both requires employing current technologies and implementing efficient operations, especially with today's challenging drilling environment and economic climate. The influence of improved technologies and the latest operational developments has lead to a significant impact in the arena of coiled-tubing drilling operations. Coiled-tubing drilling is a rapidly growing technology that has been used for various applications nowadays such as drilling shallow new wells, re-entry applications, sidetracking etc. This paper summarizes the hypotheses and theories relating to the causes and expectations of Coiled-tubing drilling in various reservoirs worldwide. The intent of the paper is to:

  1. Provide a concise compendium to the current understanding of the coiled-tubing drilling operations.

  2. Provide a comprehensive single-source review of the various projects successfully completed in the area and lessons learned.

  3. Help operators develop operational and design strategies for current and future projects, as well as to input parameters for simulating current and future projects.

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