Tight gas wells are the wells having low permeability and the production of gas from these tight formations is the key issue in the industry. This paper includes the calculations, simulation work and enhanced engineering work to increase productivity along with the case studies.

Hydraulic Fracturing is usually conducted to resolve these kinds of situations. But the productivity can shoot up to 45-55%. It is done by revolutionizing the conventional hydraulic frzcturing through flow channel creation by enhancing proppant qualities like its strength and roundness, by lowering its crush and gel loading and improving gel breakers. Perforations are engineered and pumping technique and perforation strategy are combined causing channel formation. The combination of enhanced conductivity and effective fracture half length enables greater hydrocarbon recovery. Instead of flowing through proppant pack hydrocarbon flow through the channels created by proppant pillars giving effectively infinite conductivity and better fluids and polymer recovery and less fracture face damage. Via these techniques traditional losses in proppant pack conductivity from crushing, fines, fluid damage multiphase flow and non-darcy effects are eliminated meaning optimized production.

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