The objective of this paper is to discuss the development of a computer code based "Online Production Model" and to demonstrate its potential for optimizing Well Production or Equipment capacities of Oil & Gas handling facilities, in any oilfield.

The input data required for the model include the average dry and wet well production rates, GOR’s, capacity of each equipment within the oil & gas handling facilities, capacity limitations of the common facilities handling oil, gas & water of entire field and Laboratory data such as crude water cuts within the facilities.

Prior to development of this computer programme, calculations were limited to a fixed set of input data and a specific objective function.

With the availability of this model, the user has the freedom to modify (online) any input values (such as dry and wet well production rates, water cuts) to obtain the outputs for different sets of input data and objective functions on a single excel worksheet. On account of its modular structure, this model can be customized for input data from any oilfield.

The output of this model has been validated using KOC’s field data (averaged out over a period of several months) as input. However, for the purpose of confidentiality, the capabilities of the model shall be illustrated on fictitious field and laboratory data.

Technical Contribution

This model can be used for carrying out a "What if analysis" to predict future production trends (for e.g. at different production rates and varying GOR’s / water cuts) with the existing facilities.

It aids in determining bottlenecks of each facility as well as those of the common facilities to identify actions required to enhance production.

Performs an Online predictive analysis to calculate the equipment capacity upgrades (required under the best and worst case operating scenarios) at minimum additional costs to maximize yields.

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