The following work describes the processing and flow of the information arising from EFM devices and collected by SCADA system to be used in the different stages of the gas transportation operation.

Different type of information collected from EFM devices (instant values, hourly and daily LOGS, Event and Alanti records) is shown, as well as the processing of such information, produced by the Measurement System in order to generate audited information.

The information previously mentioned is used in the processes of Assignment and Control, through the SPAC application (Nomination, Scheduling, Allocation and Control processing System) allowing, among other tilings, to perform an accurate follow up of the received and delivered volume, as well as performing projections of such volumes at the closure of the working day.

This allows any of the parties involved to forecast and make corrective actions during the day in order to guarantee the accomplishment of the transportation schedule.

Furthermore, it is highly important to sliare consistent information between the Gas Transportation Company and its Customers who have remote access to such information by means of SPAC system.

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