Different organizations are showing more preoccupation for acheiving a greater performance in the protection of the environment. This growing worry has as an envolving frame a series of environmental pressures that are added to the already existing worries in the companies. It's worth noting that national and international legislation is getting stricter, the public opinion is exercising a much more severe role, consumer requirements are growing considerably in order to improve the quality of their lives, and the development must be completed within a circle of restrictive economic measures.

As a consequence of this, many companies have started to take actions, such as: environment audits, environment impact studies, etc. But these studies do not insure, within themselves, a good organization performance, they simply show us a situation regarding the follow-up of current policies, besides showing us the positioning of the company in order to meet all of the future reglementary measures. Our country has also started its part in conserving the environment on an energetic level, creating organizations at the highest government levels in order to control said policies and taking advantage of the privatization wave, establishing environmental obligations for the companies, through the regulation of their activities.

In the case of Edenor, which grants services of distribution and commercialization of electric energy, according to its Concession Agreement, it must: adequate its actions with the objective of preserving and/or improving the ecosystems involved in the development of its activity, fulfilling the policies currently in force, as well as those established in the future, destined to the protection of the environment, approved by Resolution N° 170/92 of the National Energy Department. With regards to this, we will proceed to show a brief analysis of the environmental policies in force on a national, provincial and municipal level, which directly or indirectly regulates the protection of the environment in general and, particularly, natural resources.

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