This document summarizes the evolution towards the new technologies of the Control Systems within the restructurization process of a private Electric Energy Distribution Company. In the first part of the document, the control systems that the company had at the time of its privatization are described.

Following is the implementation strategy that joins technology, operatives, and organization.

Then, the architecture and organization of the Telecontrol System implemented is detailed (with a horizon of 15 years). This system serves the purpose of telesupervising and teleoperating the Transmission, subtransmission and distribution networks in the optimal technical economic conditions.

Finally, it is concluded with the future vision of the project.


Within the Electric Energy Distribution business, one of the keys is the control of the electric process from the interconnection points, where energy is exchanged up to the point of supply to the clients.

Under this process, the objective searched for by Edenor for the control of its electrical process is Telesupervision and Telecontrol of the transmission, subtransmission and distribution networks In optimal quality and security conditions, with minimal losses, operative costs, and penalties.

Give solution to the whole acting environment of the Control Center: Operation Preparation, the Operation and the Analysis of the Exploitation Results; its integration with all the distribution systems: Complaint Center Service Quality, Network Planning, Enery Service, Client Service, Maintenance, and Energetic Balance.

2.- Situation at the beginning of service

In September 1992 and within the privatization process initiated in the electric sector of the Greater Buenos Aires, Edenor was born as one of the private Distributors.

2.1.- Installations

Edenor's electric network was (or is, being that some of the data is current) composed of:

  • High tension Transmission and Subtransmission Networks (levels of 220 kV, 132 kV, and 27.5 kV. Aerial lines cover 651 km and underground lines cover 492 km).

  • Medium tension Distribution Network (13.2 kV and 33kV. Aerial lines: 3,201 km; Underground lines: 2,954 km).

  • Low tension distribution network (levels of 380/220 V. Aerial lines: 20,699 km; underground lines: 3,652km).

  • Substations high tension and high/medium tension (56)

  • Medium tension Centers (18)

  • Medium/low tension Transformation Centers (9357)

  • Clients: 2,100,000

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