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Journal Articles
SPE J. 25 (06): 917–926.
Paper Number: SPE-12112-PA
Published: 01 December 1985
... are left behind in the higher-permeability foreset laminae with fluid flow perpendicular to the foreset laminae, while with flow parallel to the foreset laminae the displacement efficiency is good. To describe the displacement characteristics on a reservoir scale, we developed a procedure for calculating...
Journal Articles
SPE J. 25 (04): 358–362.
Paper Number: SPE-11595-PA
Published: 01 June 1985
... parallel to the barriers than perpendicular to them. Discontinuous horizontal shale streaks can be responsible for reduced vertical oil drainage to the pumping well 1 ; therefore, a reasonable prediction of vertical permeability in such settings can be of value. This paper examines the special case...
Journal Articles
SPE J. 25 (01): 78–88.
Paper Number: SPE-11332-PA
Published: 01 February 1985
... hydraulic fractures tend to initiate and propagate perpendicular to the minimum horizontal stress. When cold fluid is injected into an unfractured well, the region of cooled rock might be considered radially symmetrical with respect to the wellbore. Superposition of the thermoelastic stress, therefore...
Journal Articles
SPE J. 22 (05): 755–763.
Paper Number: SPE-8933-PA
Published: 01 October 1982
... fracture wellbore upstream oil & gas knox county geometry petroleum engineer journal poisson reservoir geomechanics perpendicular amplitude instrument structural geology Production enhancement of gas from wells draining low-permeability formations such as the Devonian shale series...
Journal Articles
SPE J. 22 (03): 321–332.
Paper Number: SPE-9831-PA
Published: 01 June 1982
... studies consistently confirm the well-known fact that in-situ stress has a primary effect on fracture geometry, and that fractures propagate perpendicular to the least principal stress. In addition, we find that frictional interfaces in reservoirs can affect fracturing. We also have quantified some...
Journal Articles
SPE J. 21 (01): 77–88.
Paper Number: SPE-7582-PA
Published: 01 February 1981
..., these concepts apply rigorously for systems with true components and are approximate when pseudocomponents are used. Indeed, the calculation of perpendiculars to tie lines or tie triangles for pseudocomponents systems is only as accurate as the representation of the phase behavior of the system...
Journal Articles
SPE J. 19 (06): 378–392.
Paper Number: SPE-6755-PA
Published: 01 December 1979
... location dimensionless pressure buildup curve perpendicular straight line image well reservoir permeability Pressure Analysis of Multiple-Sealing-Fault Systems and Bounded Reservoirs by Type-Curve Matching Djebbar Tiab, SPE-AIME, U. of Oklahoma Henry B. Crichlow, SPE-AIME, U. of Oklahoma...
Journal Articles
SPE J. 13 (02): 61–68.
Paper Number: SPE-4062-PA
Published: 01 April 1973
...Abbas Ali Daneshy The results of a theoretical and experimental investigation of inclined hydraulic fractures, reported in this paper, indicate that such fractures do not generally initiate perpendicular to the maximum tensile stress induced on the borehole wall. Unlike axial or normal hydraulic...
Journal Articles
SPE J. 12 (03): 211–219.
Paper Number: SPE-3358-PA
Published: 01 June 1972
... a continuously or a porous system with either a continuously or a discontinuously varying permeability distribution perpendicular to the layer. The influence of perpendicular to the layer. The influence of capillary forces bas not been taken into account. A necessary condition for the validity of the equations...
Journal Articles
SPE J. 12 (03): 220–228.
Paper Number: SPE-3359-PA
Published: 01 June 1972
... simulation fluid-flow model experiment effective permeability displacement boundary tan production well saturation Modeling & Simulation Fluid Dynamics oil reservoir geometry velocity component perpendicular prototype initial condition base rock permeability Injection Rate...
Journal Articles
SPE J. 9 (03): 293–300.
Paper Number: SPE-2182-PA
Published: 01 September 1969
... fingers adjacent to the leading finger. For a gravity finger lambda is defined as the ratio of finger width, to "height" of the medium perpendicular to hulk flow. This work confirms previous experiments and existing theory that for viscous fingering lambda approaches a value of 0.5 with increasing ratio...
Journal Articles
SPE J. 7 (03): 229–234.
Paper Number: SPE-1713-PA
Published: 01 September 1967
... and subsequent limit surfaces are determined for samples loaded either perpendicular or parallel to the bedding planes. INTRODUCTION Previous experimental work in rock mechanics indicates that no mathematically tractable constitutive theory is inclusive enough to describe the mechanical behavior exhibited by all...
Journal Articles
SPE J. 6 (02): 126–136.
Paper Number: SPE-1289-PA
Published: 01 June 1966
... complex reservoir flow rate fracture conductance hydraulic fracturing fracture permeability expression perpendicular permeability axis anisotropy orientation anisotropic medium pressure gradient Drilling Permeability of Idealized Fractured Rock R. W. PARSONS JUNIOR MEMBER AIME ABSTRACT...
Journal Articles
SPE J. 6 (01): 1–8.
Paper Number: SPE-1272-PA
Published: 01 March 1966
... of microscopic expansion cracks. Induced porosity is independent of overburden pressure, whereas in beds lying perpendicular to the maximum principal stress, the induced permeability is pressure-dependent. It was also observed that overburden pressure effectively lowers the temperature at which carbonates in oil...
Journal Articles
SPE J. 3 (03): 185–188.
Paper Number: SPE-608-PA
Published: 01 September 1963
...G.P. Willhite; J.S. Dranoff; J.M. Smith Heat transfer rates were measured in sandstones with flow of gases perpendicular to the direction of energy transfer. Effective thermal conductivities keg ranged from 0.7 to 1.7 Btu/(hr)(ft)(F). The contribution of the solid phase appeared to be the most...
Journal Articles
SPE J. 2 (03): 283–289.
Paper Number: SPE-328-PA
Published: 01 September 1962
... limestone perpendicular granite bit impact Interpretation of Transient Strain Pulses Recorded In Rock Under Impact of a Chisel-Shaped Bit MADAN M. SINGH* JUNIOR MEMBER A1ME HOWARD L. HARTMAN MEMBER AIME ABSTRACT This paper reports on the results of a fundamental investigation of the behavior of rock...
Journal Articles
SPE J. 1 (04): 249–253.
Paper Number: SPE-1613-G
Published: 01 December 1961
... and perpendicular to the bedding planes. Volume expansions are reported as the perpendicular expansion plus two times the parallel expansion. Expansion behavior of the sandstones was found to be controlled by the expansion characteristics of the quartz content. Differential expansion of the quartz grains and other...

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