Yale et. al.1  showed significant differences between "uncoupled" reservoir simulations of a highly compressible (but elastic) reservoir and the same model run with deformation and fluid flow "coupled" together. This paper utilizes a similar model but investigates the effect of plasticity of the reservoir rock and alteration of permeability with deformation on these coupled simulations.

The coupled simulations show that plasticity significantly increases the compressibility of the rocks and the compaction drive energy of the reservoir. The initial stress state of the reservoir is shown to have a large effect on the degree of plasticity and the degree of depletion for the same amount of fluid withdrawal and the same rock properties.

Modeling the change in permeability with deformation of plastic sands shows an extremely large effect on near wellbore pressure drawdown and deformation over normal reservoir simulations. The coupld geomechanis-fluid flow simulations show very strong interaction between pressure drawdown, plastic strain, and permeability.

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