High strength Al nanostructured materials have attracted increasing attention for weight critical and high reliability completion tools applications in the oil and gas industry. The novel nanostructured materials have demonstrated ultrahigh specific strength (i.e. ∼3 times of steel), enhanced specific stiffness, and great potential in tailoring the desirable dynamic and corrosion properties.

Traditional light weight material for ball or plug applications are prone to early yielding or shape changes. The yield strength of conventional aluminum alloys is usually less than 400 MPa. Nanotechnology can be effectively employed to enhance the mechanical properties and other desirable properties through engineering the material microstructure. Mechanical milling is used as approach for synthesis of nanostructured powders by conducting severe cyclic plastic deformation in powders and thereby promoting the formation of nanostructures. Our results showed that ultrahigh strength up to 1000 MPa can be achieved for Al-based nano-composites by controlling the distribution of the micro-and nanoparticles in the matrix. And corrosion behavior of the material can be controlled by tuning the matrix grain size from 100 to 500 nm depending on the processing parameters. The nanostructured materials also demonstrated excellent high strain rate ductility while maintaining its high strength. Examples of oil field applications of the nanostructured materials will be presented.

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