A key challenge in exploiting the untapped hydrocarbons in hotter and deeper reservoirs is the lack of reliable HTHP (high temperature and high pressure) technology. This paper introduces a novel sealing material based on MWNT (Multi-wallel Carbon Nanotubes) and Rubber Nanocomposites for use in the exploration and development of HTHP reservoirs.

Prior efforts in developing the Nanocomposites technology have identified two key challenges, namely, the uniform dispersion of MWNT and the poor bonding between MWNT and the rubber matrix. By developing innovative and new processes, we have resolved the issues of dispersion and bonding in 2008. The new process technologies we are pioneering are enabling us to develop a series of novel sealing systems for the HTHP environments. In one of the new sealing systems, we were able to a significantly increase the sealing performance of an existing system from 40 °C to 175 °C and 20,000 psi to one that can seal ‒10 °C to 260 °C and 45,000 psi, temperature and pressure ranges.

We have completed an extensive series of tests to check the durability and reliability of the new sealing systems, including chemical-resistance tests in mud, hydrocarbon oil, brines, H2S, CO2 and in HTHP conditions. We had several successful field trials of the new sealing system around the globe, including, the Gulf of Mexico, North Sea, Arabian Peninsula, Africa, Asia and US land. Having established the technology and its benefits in extending reliable field operations, we are now championing its use in the exploration and development efforts in hostile frontiers. We believe that our new sealing solutions based on Nanotechnology and processes are proving to meet the critical needs in the exploration and development of HT and/or HP, deep water, and other hostile environment reservoirs

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