Benchmarking can be done for the various processes involved during rig up, rig down and drilling operation of an AC-SCR (E-1400) land drilling rig operated in Upper Assam Development Oil Field for productivity enhancement. An endeavor was made in OIL INDIA LTD to benchmark the drilling cycle time for all AC-SCR (E-1400) land rigs by reducing the Non Commercial Time and hence to increase the Cycle Speed.

In this benchmarking, three main areas of a Drilling Cycle were considered.

  • Benchmarking the rig down/ rig move and rig up operation of an AC SCR (E-1400) drilling rig. This area is a major contributor for the Non-Commercial Time of a Drilling Cycle, which is by average, is about 30% of the Total Cycle.

  • Benchmarking the commercial time (i.e. when the rig is busy in making the hole including the trip time). Trip time is a major portion of Non-Commercial Time within the commercial time. This contributes about 20% of the total drilling time. This was done by using intelligent technology and system for drilling performance. Since it is a fully developed field, therefore we have benchmarked the production testing time as 15 days for two ‘sands'. This includes wiper trip, CBL / VDL, changing over & lowering of well fluid level, and finally perforation & observation.

  • By introducing the multi-skill performance technique among the crew. This concept helps to increase the efficiency & effectiveness of the crew deployed in the rig. This in turn helps in reducing break down time.

The natural environmental factors prevailed in upper Assam areas were considered while benchmarking the drilling cycle time.

It has been worked out that by implementing the benchmarking of the whole cycle, a rig can complete about 3.47 cycles per year against 2.48 cycles per year before benchmarking.


Benchmarking, Cycle Time, Cycle Speed, Commercial Time, Commercial Speed, Trip Time

What is benchmarking?

Benchmarking is the process of identifying, understanding and adapting outstanding practices from organizations anywhere in the world for performance improvement.

It is a powerful management tool in the quest for continuous improvements and breakthrough. Interestingly any business process can be benchmarked.

Benchmarking simply means, " Finding and implementing best practices that lead to superior performance."

What is Cycle Speed?

Cycle speed is defined as,

Meterage drilled

Cycle Speed = ---------------------------------

Rig months of Cycle time

Meterage drilled × 30.42

= ------------------------------

Cycle time (in days)

Where, 30.42 = Average rig days per month.

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