The engineering conception of gas, condensed gas and oil exploration, development and production in the Artic and Subartic areas rests on large scale projects of energy industry for the society, results in the specific economical activities in these regions, taking into consideration the climate and sensetive environment, poor infrastructure and the high level of ecological risk.The development of the united gas supply systems differs much from the analogous programs in USA, Alaska and Canada. Having difficult geological features and hydrometeorological conditions, we note a high rate development of the gas fields. On account of that the updated industrial methods were elaborated, studied and examined. The methods were developad prior to the site construction. The methods include the ingeneering of pile foundation, -the use of local materials (excluding ore and mineral deposites),-the transportation of the super-blocks by waterways leading by ice -breakers,-the technological equipment designed as big block structu res,-the expeditinary character of work and permanent personal shift, and finally the incorporation of the environmental impacts in the main construction projects.

This paper describes progressive organization of the pipeline construction activities in the Far North areas, such as Yamburg region gasfields of the Northern part of the West-Sibirian Plain on the Tazovsk peninsula.

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