Line source solutions for uniform flux horizontal wells are well known The infinite conductivity well model has not received the same attention. An objective of the present paper is to investigate the behavior of some possible infinite conductivity well models. We test the properties of the step function and the piecewise linear rate density function.

We find that the linear rate density distribution model oscillates at late times. Depending on the solution strategy, these oscillations may come early or late in the second `radial flow period. We believe that this numerical phenomenon is connected to numerical interaction between steep gradients and the numerical Laplace transform inversion scheme. The solution resulting from the piecewise constant rate function is complete in the sense that it can handle all flow periods from the early linear to the pseudo steady period.

The results from the infinite conductivity models are compared to the results from the uniform flux model. For easy identification of possible linear flow periods, we plot the square-root derivative. A straight line at a constant value indicates that the pressure drop is a linear function of the square-root of time.

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