Methods are introduced to generate synthetic pressure-transient data for horizontal wells with finite-conductivity vertical fractures. For the main results flow from the reservoir is only assumed to take place through the fractures, but methods to include flow directly to the wellbore are also outlined. Although the paper is aimed mainly at transverse circular fractures, mathematical derivations for flow to rectangular fractures have also been included. Boundaries and multiple fractures can be treated with considerable flexibility, but examples discussed in the paper are restricted to individual or pairs of circular fractures in unbounded reservoirs, and hence also to single circular fractures in the presence of a sealing fault.

The approach taken follows classical studies of vertical wells with finite-conductivity vertical fractures. Basic solutions are developed in terms of Laplace transforms, with numerical inversion used to obtain end results. The main objective of the paper is to introduce methods to generate synthetic data for fractured horizontal wells. Application of the methods to investigate productivity of various well and fracture configurations has not been considered. Only cases to illustrate the methods are included.

The results of the paper are verified in part by ccmparisans with models developed far vertical wells producing layered and double-porosity reservoirs and with results from a 3D, finite-difference, numerical reservoir simulator.

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