The purpose of this study was to evaluate available technologies for closure of solid oily waste sites located on the North Slope of Alaska. Most of these wastes are associated with petroleum sludges, drilling muds, and contaminated sand and gravel. In the arctic, below-ground lined pits are commonly used for waste storage. A wide variety of technologies were identified as being potentially applicable for containment, treatment and disposal of solid oily wastes. These technologies were screened according to technical feasibility (demonstrated performance, effectiveness and implementability) to determine those technologies most suitable for the arctic. Based on the results of screening, the alternatives determined to be most applicable are:

  • Bioreactor/Soil Washing

  • Stabilization/Solidification

  • Incineration

  • In-Place Containment

  • Off-Site Disposal

This paper presents an overview of all potentially applicable closure technologies, as well as the results of the screening process. A later phase of the study will evaluate the five alternatives with respect to overall feasibility.

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