The industry makes a pioneering discovery: 20,000 psi SITP, 100 ppm H2S, 10 % CO2, 400 °F flowing wellhead temperature. Now what?

  • Everyone wants production as soon as possible.

  • What challenges need to be overcome?

  • What equipment is available, and what needs to be designed and tested?

  • How long will it take to design, build, test (and redesign, re-test), certify, and deliver?

  • What challenges have yet to be identified?

  • If you have a failure, can you work it over?

  • Is there well control equipment in place?

Recent HPHT history indicates that infantile failures happen, usually caused by something that no one considered an issue. What are the hidden obstacles awaiting the first ultra HPHT completion? This paper will summarize current industry HPHT capability and more importantly, propose questions in an attempt to stimulate discussion on issues that we may be missing.

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