Development of wells combining high pressure and high temperature (HPHT) containing hydrogen sulfide (H2S) has increased the need for high strength and sulfide stress cracking (SSC) resistant heavy wall tubular products.

The material requirements for these severe environments are continuously evolving. This trend is particularly evident in the evolution of HPHT well requirements, Sour Service applications and the associated testing protocols. On this basis, a precise combination of steel chemistry and heat treatment has enabled the development and qualification of C110 proprietary grade materials. This grade has been used in environments such as the North Sea, and is qualified under fit-for-purpose conditions. These products used worldwide and more particularly in the GoM (Gulf of Mexico), are suitable for sour service applications in heavy wall casing with various premium connections.

OCTG tubular products answer to key challenges such as dimensional specifications and mechanical properties. Unusual wall thickness and higher yield strength grades push back further exploration and production limits. In addition to the R&D effort, the high quality of such products is ensured thanks to a dedicated manufacturing process.

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