The independent operator has relied on various sources of revenue for decades. The financial institution has been providing assistance for over 50 years. The secured oil and gas reserve loan may be the most common type of financing sought by the independent. Due to possible tax legislation, the investor marketplace is questionable, thus there is increased pressure on financial institutions borrowing to necessitate the fundings for drilling acquisitions and normal operating capital.

Traditional lending institutions now face problems involving energy and energy related loans. The review efforts by these institutions and regulatory agencies have increased loan process analysis to the point that all areas of the financial situation of the operator must be addressed. The rewards of this research can benefit the independent in several areas. Having gathered all data, evaluated it, prepared the presentation and submitting it in a knowledgeable fashion will enable the financial institution to properly and expeditiously reply to the independent operator's loan request.

In order for the independent to achieve this goal, he must be knowledgeable of the information required, the format in which the information should be presented, the relative values the institution places on each item of the package and what it tells the institution. With this information at hand, the independent operator can present a well researched loan proposal and achieve his objective – the loan!

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