For the past two years an extensive field-based research and development program has been ongoing in East Texas; if the results generated are to have the maximum impact on industry then the end user of these developments must be "in touch" with the program. To be exact, the Travis Peak/Hosston Formation of East Texas is being used as a laboratory for tight gas sand technology development. The Gas Research Institute's (GRI) Tight Gas Sands Program is able to bring such a diverse, but complimentary range of research to the field thanks to the cooperation of numerous East Texas operators. The objective is to develop the information, tools and diagnostic capability needed to increase the recovery effectiveness and reduce the costs of gas from tight sand reservoirs. This paper will serve as an introduction to GRI and to the East Texas-based field activities of the Tight Gas Sands Program, as well as extending an invitation to East Texas operators and service companies to take advantage of the research activities through direct participation.

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