The W.H. Siler Lease is located at the southernmost end of the East Texas Field where solution gas drive is the predominant source of energy. In this paper, the overall polymer augmented waterflood performance will be briefly discussed and aspects of the equipment and fluid design will be addressed; however, the primary interest will concern the operational problems and facility design modifications during the course of the project.

Unique problems were encountered with designing the polymer skid and overall system. A method of mixing and injecting the polymer and monitoring the polymer injection facility had to be devised. Special fittings, valves and piping were required to minimize corrosion and polymer crosslinking. Polymer storage tanks and a circulation system were required and designed to prevent water condensation, settling of the polymer, and to provide a means of measuring tank levels. Other operational problems occurred such as quality control on deliveries, transfer pump failures, mixing problems in the storage tanks, and voltage fluctuation problems. Also, various attempts to clear the formation sandface of polymer utilizing sodium hypochlorite and nitrogen jetting will be discussed.

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