This paper presents a holistic approach to modern oilfield and well surveillance through the inclusion of state-of-the-art edge computing applications in combination with a novel type of data transmission technology and algorithms developed in-house for automatic condition monitoring of SRP systems. The objective is to enable the responsible specialist staff to focus on the most important decisions regarding oilfield management, rather than wasting time with data collection and preparation.

An own operated data communication system, based on LPWAN-technology transfers the dyno-cards, generated by an electric load cell, into the in-house developed production assistance software platform. Suitable programmed AI-algorithms enable automatic condition detection of the incoming dyno cards, including conversion and analysis of the corresponding subsurface dynamograms. A smart alarming system informs about occurring failure conditions and specifies whether an incident of rod rupture, pump-off condition, gas lock or paraffin precipitation occurred in the well. A surface mounted measuring device delivers liquid level and bottomhole pressure information automatically into the software. Based on these diverse data, the operations team plans the subsequent activities.

The holistic application approach is illustrated using the case study of an SPR-operated well in an Austrian brownfield.

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