Two years ago, geoscientists of the leading East European gas producers were still using paper logs, unknown data quality sources, and many data versions, stored on individual local disks for their interpretation jobs. To overcome this challenge, the deployment of a geological and production database was initiated in the framework of the digital transformation programme. The key objectives were to build a single data repository for all company assets and integrate it with the production and drilling business systems.

The development of the corporate data repository started with an extensive data assessment. A report of available data types, business processes, recommended data management, and business rules were produced. Loading and quality control procedures were designed to load over 40 different data types, including geology, geophysics, production, and drilling. Standardisation of data available in non-industry formats was necessary, e.g. for Lithology data. To enable reporting of drilling and production data stored in the business systems, complex integration and synchronisation between different Database Management Systems were developed. Data delivery to petrotechnical applications was a key to productivity.

By implementing this centralised and unique Corporate Data Storage, digitalization and loading of the well, log, seismic, drilling, and production data with proper quality were enabled. Petrotechnical experts can now use one data access point to retrieve data into their applications quickly and efficiently using just an integrated web browser. Searching information within SEGY or DLIS files was previously a difficult process that has been facilitated through an application user interface displayed in the local language. Thousands of well logs, documents, and reports have been digitised and made available in the system. The interpretation results and knowledge are now captured and reused in future field development planning. All the company data including drilling and production data synched from business systems are now available in a single place and accurate reporting can be facilitated. The system allowed the reduction of the time spent by the users searching and data quality checks.

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