Technology improvements are continuing to expand the capability of coiled tubing directional drilling (CTDD) worldwide. Increased CTDD activity in advanced underbalanced re-entry applications that require precise wellbore (multilateral) placement and real-time monitoring of downhole parameters has led to the development of bottom-hole drilling assemblies (BHAs) with enhanced functionality.

Saudi Aramco identified CTDD as an important technology for redeveloping its gas reserves and is dedicated to expanding the technical limit of CTDD application. Saudi Aramco successfully completed its first underbalanced re-entry coiled tubing drilling (UBCTD) pilot project and is now progressing to consolidate this technology in subsequent UBCTD operations. A great impetus has now been placed on further improving UBCTD project economics through improved operational efficiency and the introduction of new underbalanced coiled tubing drilling techniques and services.

This paper provides an overview of the new Rib Steered Motor (RSM) technology and its potential benefits to UBCTD. It details recent worldwide deployments of the rib steering motor technology focusing on operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which provide the perfect testing ground when geosteering with RSM. Future advances using UBCTD geosteering technology rely on a close working relationship between the field operator and the service company. Successful application of UBCTD applys to a wide range of mature oil and gas fields for enhancing access to the producing reservoir to drive the economic extraction of additional reserves.

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