This paper describes a field example of Planning to frac tight Shaly sand formation which offers a unique challenge for fluids, equipment and personnel. The main objective is to maximize the value of the field over its productive lifetime. The primary benefit from these applications is the utilization of the equipment capabilities and the fluids properties to get the best possible fracture length and conductivity for optimizing field-development economics.

The objective of the paper is to make available the information needed to do the proper preparation and execution for similar well conditions in the area. Starting with the proper field study to have the best candidate for the hydraulic fracturing was a key parameter for the success of the job. This field has started with initial pressure of 2400 psi and total potential of 7000 BOPD. Other consideration concerning the lithology characteristic of the reservoir, the tight shaly sand formation will not produce at its best potential without the high pressure proppant frac. The selection of the fluid suitable for this job was mainly to have to best properties and stable fluid to carry the proppant, not damaging to the formation, not to cause any clay swelling, easy to X-Link and easy to break after the job. Also the selection of the equipments to give the proper rate and pressure with fully remote control from the data van was considered to have a successful job.

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