Passively listening to induced fracturing that is related to production or hydraulic stimulation from a downhole setting has become widely accepted in the oil and gas business. Completions planning and infill drilling programs continue to benefit from this technology with the ultimate goal of enhancing recovery whilst reducing overall costs. The mapped microseismic events are driven by localized and regional stress directions and pre-existing fracture networks. The microseismic map influences the subsequent interpreted fracture network. Reservoir performance and hydrocarbon recovery can be optimized by correctly applying the right downhole monitoring technology to a given specific objective. Here we present three different methods for collecting microseismic data from a downhole environment. We demonstrate the variable response of a single reservoir to hydraulic fracture treatment. Standard observation well setup and treatment well deployments are discussed and case histories are shown. We weigh up the benefits and drawbacks of both. With the advanced observation well tool we show better lateral coverage with high variability of formation response. The tool that can be deployed in the treatment well itself shows better accuracy of frac height measurements and highly localized changes in frac orientation but with limitation of lateral coverage. Extending the monitoring window to years or decades requires yet a different approach. The unique system that contains no downhole electronics extends the life expectancy of the monitoring array for true permanent applications. The three distinct techniques of observation well deployment, treatment well deployment and permanent deployment are successfully applied and demonstrated with case studies. The data that is collected can be used for planning and optimization in the short, medium and long term. When applied in difficult and unconventional settings, this leads to increased reservoir performance and reduced overall cost.

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