KOC management has created an experienced team to test and complete new Jurassic wells drilled in North Kuwait field. Testing & completion has been a challenging task in handling Jurassic reservoirs because of deep wells, HPHT conditions, heavey mud weights and sour volatile oil/gas condensate. All wells were tested either with Polished Bore Receptacle (PBR) or retrivable/permanent packer designed to achieve the objectives. New Jurassic discovery wells were also tested on long term basis using Early Production Facility (EPF) in order to conclude, evaluate and confirm the overall potential of Jurassic formation for further production enhancement and delineation/ development work.

This team has developed optimized practices based on the experiences gained in testing and completion of more than 20 exploratory/delination wells drilled in Jurassic reservoirs. These optimized practices have been applied in several deep/HPHT wells drilled in Kuwait and tested safely & economically. It illustrates a very valuable experience of KOC's exploration process in deep well testing & completion.

This paper describes practices followed, problems faced and remedial actions while testing & completion of deep/HPHT Jurassic wells. Details of procedure developed, techniques applied in perforating, activation, stimulation, fracturing, short-term/long term testing is also presented in this paper.

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