This paper presents a practical case of Field Development Planning (FDP) process with extensive use of petroleum asset digital twin facilities. The paper explains the process of setting up both the digital twin and the performance metrics which were used to steer the multivariate trials on redevelopment activities towards the optimal investment scenario.

The petroleum asset is represented by a block of the large oilfield in Western Siberia with ongoing waterflood project at mature stage.

The process of building FDP was performed through a series of interactive sessions with the petroleum asset digital twin which includes three major group of functionalities:

  • Convert redevelopment activities (drilling, workovers, production optimization and surface facilities) into the production response and basic investment indicators including NPV, PI, IRR, MIRR, ROI

  • Provide technical performance metrics (such as formation pressure, watercut and recovery responses, potential case of integrity failures, behind casing channelings, spontaneous formation fracturing, surface pipeline pressure losses) that can help understand the results of the FDP activities

  • Provide well and cross-well surveillance simulations (pressure tests, production and integrity logging) to help identify the candidates for future monitoring.

Two different multidisciplinary teams undertook 12 FDP iterations over two different 3D full-field model realizations to arrive at the best investment scenarios for each model.

After that the FDP team has picked up the best practices from both FDPs in the form of those field development actions which turned to be financially successful in both model realizations. All those cases were prioritized and merged into the ultimate FDP scenario and verified across both digital asset realizations.

The new FDP suggested the new drilling opportunities, few integrity workovers, few conversions and a new production target strategy for producers and injectors. Apart from investment benefits, the new FDP provides substantial accelerated oil withdrawals and increase in ultimate recovery comparing to the no-future-activity scenario.

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