This paper provides an overview of a new methodology of capturing a physical sample of produced fluid from a Subsea Tree or Manifold in deep water and recovering it for laboratory analysis.

It describes both the sampling & recovery equipment, together with the associated intervention technology, MARS (Multiple Application Re-injection System). The MARS system allows a coaxial flowpath to be introduced into the wellstream without having to recover permenant subsea infrastructure.

Being able to take liquid samples from individual wells subsea before they are comingled into the pipeline enables production optimisation on a number of fronts including:

  • Flow-meter calibration (affected by water cut / salinity).

  • Tracer detection (understanding the reservoir)

  • Need for Scale squeeze (barium content)

  • Well fluid composition (per well)

The interface technology has already been tested on other deepwater subsea applications, including multiphase pumping, metering and well stimulation. The sampling technology is now proven following testing at the National Engineering Laboratory, East Kilbride, Scotland using both the multiphase and wetgas flow loops. The testing program validated the technique, optimised the design and determined the operating envelope across a wide variety of flow conditions.

Application engineering is underway for a project in the Gulf of Mexico.

The system provides access to valuable data which can be used to optimise production.

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