This paper presents a way to adjust an oil production offshore platform unit, specifically its liquid processing plants, to the new conditions of production that appear throughout the productive life of an oil field. For in such a way, due to the increase the amounts of water and decrease of produced oil, equipments, firstly, destined to the oil treatment can be converted into equipment for water treatment. In this way the connections between such equipments are modified in order to be adjusted to the new situation.

This invention, witch is the subject of a Brazilian Patent Application, can be useful to adequacy an oil offshore platform to its actual situation, i. e. when the produced water flow increase much more than its water treatment facilities. In this way we can debottleneck the produced water treatment system prevent closing the wells and, even so, boost the oil production. The invention can also be applied in new projects, in order to prevent such future difficulties.

As a results among, approximately, twenty platforms we've already been on board 80% of them was identified in such conditions, i. e, they are closing well and losing oil production, so we can do the modifications just now. Moreover we identify a situation where, just doing little arrangements, it will be not necessary to operate one of them (a semi submersible unit with a180 000 bpd capacity). It could be moved to another field to produce oil.

We must highlight that the proposal presented seems to be simple, but it is extremely advantageous, since it makes possible to adjust an installation in operation to a not foreseen situation of fluid treatment.

As a conclusion this methodology is mainly appropriated to a mature field optimization.

As a Significance of Subject Matter we can register that with these procedures it is possible to keep and, most of the time, increase the oil production and, moreover, to increase the platform's live.

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