This paper introduced the special development strategy and new technologies used to reach ‘high efficient, high speed’ recovery for offshore H filed, which located at 16/08 block of H fields group in the Pearl River Mouth Basin. As the biggest single lithology reservoir in South China Sea, K22 consisted 80% of the field OOIP. Great challenge was faced when the reservoir was discoverd at the year 1991, for the OOIP of the reservoir thought to be marginal and water depth of this field is more than 110m. Most of reservoir in the Pearl River Mouth Basin belongs to the low-relief anticline structure, while K22 is the first lithology reservoir found in South China Sea. Water flooding was thought to be the first choice for complicated heterogeneous and insufficient water drive energy formation. However, by optimizing well placement and installing ESP, a less but high-yield wells pattern was eventually applied.

After 15 years’ development, the OOIP of K22 is three times larger than original ODP. Current well performance and simulation study indicated the ultimate recovery would reach to 71.5%. The annual recovery factor was more than 10% at its peak year, corresponding to 55000 barrels per day with only 11 producers. The experience of successful development of K22 reservoir is a good story of ‘high efficient, high speed’ development strategy of offshore oil field. On one hand, the anti-rhythm reservoir characterized by good permeability and sufficient natural water energy guaranteed a high recovery factor; on the other hand, the integration of seismic data, single reservoir producing strategy, reservoir management and pay zone protection also play a great role in the process of oil field development.

In OOIP scale, speed of recovery and depletion rate, K22 are second to none among all fields in South China Sea, which has a significant reference value for the development of offshore fields. The technologies proved to be successful in K22, including seismic data frequency extension, the cost-effective streamline simulation and under-balanced perforation have been widely used in the industry.

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